Rejection Letter Order


Galur Sari  Road 8 East Jakarta
  Telp: (021) 8769400

No: 14/SKP/XX/2007
Yth. head of marketing Madju Store
Kayumanis road Number 4 East Jakarta

About:  Denial Orders


With Regards

Thank you for your order number 11/SP/V/2007 dated 12 September 2007 on the orders of goods.
In this regard, we are told that most of the stuff that your message is not in stock kami.Hal is due this month is quite a lot of subscribers who order these items in large quantities, while supplies insufficient so we have to wait for shipment of the factory.For that, we were told that with a heavy heart we have not been able to fulfill orders you tersebut.Hal we do because until this sat we have not gotten word from the factory.

Hopefully the following order can we serve you with the best of baiknya.Thank you for your concern, and we hope you can understand it.






Head of marketing

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