Complaning Letter

December 15, 2011

Number: 134.
Subject: Complaint

Designation. Budima
PT. Naga Computers
Jln. Sudirman Block 4a.

With due respect,

We inform you that our order goods do not arrive within the time agreed in advance.

In your letter No. 23 dated August 17, 2011, order goods we will come no later than December 2, 2011 In fact, our order goods using a newly arrived on December 12 That is, the delivery of the goods we order 10 days late from the date specified in your letter.

This delay would have a major impact for our company because our customers state to divert its cooperation with other companies. Things like this is a huge loss for us.

Obviously this does not delay as we expected recur in the future because if you can not keep the agreement again with a heavy heart we had to find another company as our business partners.

For your attention, we thank you.




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