Don’t worry but Happy

The initial and final, sentence very often we hear before we start anything. People often say the first step to determine the final outcome of a struggle and it is believed to be well by many people. but sometimes this is not always true because for some people who could not cope with the ongoing process Rewind because he will feel his struggle has no end or the person feels there are other things more important to the process that he lived at that time.
All these things people are doing is good, but it is better and it performed exactly according to the will of God. This is what we often do not understand as a young boy who uses a lot of logic and emotion because we were created as human beings with feelings and instincts to concoct events to come when we mengabil decision.
But according to the truths of Scripture in Matthew 7:32 b: “I want you to be free from concern.” Here clearly God told each of us to stay alive without having to feel any concern over death because He had to answer the concerns and our doubts. Moreover for each of us who claim to love Him as in writing the book “I Peter 7:32 I want you to be free from concern.”
Therefore, as Christian young people we were created to always be happy even if a storm comes sili change but make sure that we continue to live in joy by dividing a genuine smile to everyone, not a fake smile, let everyone see us happy because they see the radiant love Jesus is there through every one of us smile .. so … smile all people for life ^ _ ^


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