survive = Excellence

“My brothers, consider it all joy when ye fall into various pencoboan.” James 1:2 Living as a Christian does not mean we step becomes easy and without problems; otherwise we would face a lot of tests / trials. “For to you has given not only to believe in Christ but also to suffer for him” (Philippians 1:29). But the trials and tribulations that we experience it all together for good to us. God wants to see the extent to which the quality of the faith of His children. There are two possibilities that would occur if someone is having trials and tribulations he was disappointed and left the Lord, or will be more diligent and stick to him so that his faith has grown and grown.


Sometimes God warns us strongly through circumstances or situations that we experience that we learn to rely fully to Him and stand on the foundation of faith is tested. Faith is tested does not happen overnight, but must pass through a long process, in which are elements of perseverance and loyalty.

Some of the tests we have experienced are:
1. Abundance. Another thing, besides the problems and suffering, which sometimes allowed to test our faith is abundance. Many children of God who fall into sin just at the time and he was blessed in abundance. While it is difficult or in poor condition generally prefer the one God and always try to get close to him, prayer was all out, but recovered in time, be blessed and become rich, he started to get closer to his property than to God; the preferred and sought after no longer God, but the world with all its pleasures.
2. Adverse events. It is never experienced by Job, when he was a man who “… blameless and upright, feared God and eschewed evil.” (Job 1:1). All of his death, sold his property, he cursed his wife, even his body full of ulcers. But Job remained strong because she knows that God is being processed. Due to pass the exam, the life of Job is restored in an extraordinary (see Job 42:10-17).
Do not ever withdraw from the Lord when the temptation, because there is always a good plan behind him all that


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